Dr Beck Diseases Program


Features 8 Internal Programs for the Dr Beck DISEASE TREATMENT Series

1 - Habit - Addictions Treatment 100Hz.


Dr Beck Recommended xx

2 - Bacterial Infections 920Hz.
3 - Virus Treatments 250Hz.
4 - HIV/ Aids 150Hz.
5 - Herpes 950Hz.
6 - Cold and Flu 850hHz.
7 - Cancer Treatment 20Hz to 780Hz.
8 - Allergy Treatment 40Hz. to 250Hz.

* Features: 22 Fixed Programs from Brain Treatment, Disease Treatment and Cleanses

* Breast Pads for Breast Cancer Treatment

* Portable Beck Machine for Treatments on the move

Dr Beck Machine Screenshots


Dr Bob Beck was a pioneer of "Ultra Low Frequency" healing technologies. Dr Beck made many discoveries of how the brain waves could be altered using specific waves produced on his many series of machines (Dr Beck #4, #5, #6, #7). Dr Beck was the original designer of "Blood Cleansing" method, using electrodes over the veins of the legs, and also used specific Low Frequencies for the treatment of many diseases such as HIV, Cancer, to name a few. Dr Beck would prescribe Colloidal Silver to be a major part of the machine treatment program.