The Doctor Beck Cancer Treatment Programs

➥ Dr Beck Cancer Treatment: The 5 Programs

1 -  Cancer Treatment 20Hz to 780Hz.
2 -  Lymph Cancer Treatment 3.54hz to 3.99hz
3 -  Blood Cancer Treatment 100Hz. to 150Hz.
4 -  Blood Pulser for Cancer Treatment 3.92Hz
5 -  Colloidal Silver for Combination Cancer Treatment.
   * Also Use with the Dr Beck Atomizer Machine
      For Lung Cancer Treatment

* Flexible Straps for Hand or Foot Cancer treatment

* Gel Pads for Lymph Cancer Treatments

* Gel Pads for Dr Beck Cancer Treatment

* Breast Pads for Breast Cancer Treatment

* Colloidal Silver Clip with Silver Rods for making Colloidal Silver
   As part of the Dr Beck Cancer Treatment Program

* Compatible with the Dr Beck Atomizer for Colloidal Silver inhalation
  To assist with the Dr Beck Lung Cancer Treatment Program

* Portable Machine, can be used while driving, in office or school
  you can walk or jog with the machine connected

Dr Beck Machine Screenshots


Dr Bob Beck was a pioneer of "Ultra Low Frequency" healing technologies. Dr Beck made many discoveries of how the brain waves could be altered using specific waves produced on his many series of machines (Dr Beck #4, #5, #6, #7). Dr Beck was the original designer of "Blood Cleansing" method, using electrodes over the veins of the legs, and also used specific Low Frequencies for the treatment of many diseases such as HIV, Cancer, to name a few. Dr Beck would prescribe Colloidal Silver to be a major part of the machine treatment program.