Plugging in The Doctor Beck Professional Machine

The following Instruction book provides an introduction to brain treatments, disease treatments and electrotherapy, colloidal silver and guide for using your device properly.

Also provided is the official Brain Tuner Program list, which includes all the "BT" Machines 4, 5, 6, 7 created by Dr Beck, as well as Brain Wave sets, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Theta, Schumman Earth Frequencies, Disease treatment programs, and a built in Colloidal Silver program running at Alpha Wave frequency for creating at home, the most bio-active Colloidal Silver available on the market. All features are integral to the Dr Bob Beck Protocol. Never before has any "Beck Machine" included the complete Beck Protocol until now: The Dr Bob Beck Professional machine brings the full 22 Dr Beck Programs on a single hand held portable device.

CAUTION: This machine is an electro-therapy device with a very high frequency output potential. Read this book carefully and use your Dr Bob Beck Professional machine exactly as directed!

Technical Information:
Program Type: 22 Fixed Internal Frequency Programs
* Dr Beck has designed all the programs within the machine to an exact standard of the "Dr Beck Protocol", so programs cannot be added or altered.
Frequency range: 0.01 Hz - 10 kHz
Frequency waveform: Alters from Square to Sine according to the Selected Program
Battery Type: 4 x SONY AA 2000+ mAh High Power Rechargeable
Use only Battery type AA-1.25v-mAh2000 up to mAh3000
The Machine is supplied with 4 AA Batteries in the bag

Battery Charging
Internal, Batteries are charged while inside machine using charger

Charging Time:
7 Hours First Charge (or until charge light is off)
1 Hour Quick Charge (charge light is Red but holding charge)
4 Hours Normal Charge (charge light goes off after 3-4 hours)

Machine ON time
while connected to the machine with Leads
48 - 72 Hours non-stop treatments while connected to machine
* Try to Recharge Fully to ensure longer treatments
* Rechargeable Batteries loose Amp/Voltage over time this is normal
* Replace AA Batteries with a good brand (Sony/Kodak) with mAh +2000
* Your reseller will likely to be able to supply the correct type replacements

Voltage Output: 5v DC at 2000+ mAh
Voltage input using Charger: 9v DC (110 V / 250 V SMPS)
All world voltages accepted, external DC switching-mode power supply adapter.
* Charger is only for recharging the device.
* Do not use the machine while recharging as the machine produces exact frequency waves on a DC Cycle, This machine is not to be connected to a person during Recharge Cycle on the AC Mains Charger.
CPU Operating Temperature (Safe) *
26° - 33° Celcius
78° - 87° Fahreneit (Normal Operating Temperature)

RCA Output socket
- Use With Leads to Connect all Dr Beck Accessories

Cleaning the Bob Beck Machine
Clean Machine with a soft cloth if required but do not allow water to come near the sockets. Do not clean with Alcohol or Abrasives


The Bob Beck Machine is shipped with many different types of accessories, which plug into the standard "RCA" Plug Leads. Some Accessories such as GEL PADS, Flexible Straps, Colloidal Silver Cup Clip, are standard in the package. Other accessories can be purchased separately as they are specific for women, or specialized other purposes. (e.g. the conductive breast treatment pads, Dr Beck Magnetic Pulser, or The Dr Beck Atomizer

What does Electrotherapy Treatment with the Dr Beck Machine achieve for Disease Conditions?

Use The Bob Beck Professional machine to fight certain viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc. The Beck Machine works in a similar way as Homeopathy: using natural principles to heal the body. Everything around us already has an electrical charge and thus a certain electrical frequency - we are always and everywhere exposed to it. If you have a specific virus, it lives in a given frequency field. Let us assume for simplicity it lived only at one single electrical frequency. When you feed the same frequency generated by an The Bob Beck machine to your body (with very particular waves), the virus gets over-stimulated and dies.

Use the Dr Beck Machine to restore vitality and health: The programs are producing a harmonic resonance in the body. Each symptom brings electric dissonance in the organism. With the more general programs such as back pain, detoxification programs for lung, liver, etc., the dissonance in the body will be transformed into harmonic resonance. Such programs are particularly useful for meridian treatments connected with 4 strap-combinations.
Specific Brain Treatments are achievable using the BT Program Series which have undergone years of research by Dr Bob Beck for treatment of many Brain Related conditions. Originally Dr Bob Beck released a different machine with each frequency set, the first machine which reached the public was the BT4, followed by BT5, BT6 and BT7.

As it was not practical to buy 4 different machines to receive these amazing treatment programs, we have incorporated all 4 BT Programs on this single machine, along with all known Brain Wave type programs, and the Shumman Earth Frequency
Specific Frequencies for Disease treatments are listed later in the book and follow the Dr Beck research into reversal of disease conditions using specific frequencies and microcurrents.

Remember that Bob Beck used unique methods of delivering those frequencies into the body which included the Pulser (a Program on the machine) which incorporates the use of conductive Gel Pads on the inside of the leg (or wrist) to pulse and electrify the blood which passed through the arteries and veins in this area. As the current is low this Pulse is not felt by the user, so do not expect any shock or zap at the location of the Gel Pads.

Use the Colloidal Silver Program as the second most important contribution to your therapy. Use the Colloidal Silver in conjunction with all Dr Beck Protocols and programs. The Colloidal Silver Apparatus is included with your Bob Beck Professional Machine, and is in the Bag.

You can also Purchase a separate device, The Dr Beck Atomizer (accessory) for Lung Specific treatments with the Silver you make on the Beck Machine.


Insert the 4 Batteries into the Back Compartment of the Dr Beck Professional

Only use Rechargeable 1.25v AA batteries with a mAh Amperage rating of 2000 mAh - 3000 mAh. Make sure the Batteries are the correct way around or the machine will not work, or you could create a problem with the battery or machine. Generally speaking the FLAT (-) side of the AA battery should mount on top of the spring in the battery compartment. Once batteries are installed, place cover back over battery compartment. Make sure the Blue ON/OFF at top of machine is at OFF position.


If you are a "Heavy" user of the machine, and require 7 day extensive treatments with little "down time" then purchase 4 extra AA 1.25v batteries at +2000 mAH and perhaps "4 Pack AA Battery Charger", so you can quickly dismount the internal batteries and load in another pack


Plug in Charger for first time and allow the machine to charge for 3-4 hours. usually the Red charging light will turn off when batteries are fully charged.
When Charge light turns off indicating a fully charged battery, then turn on the machine by sliding the Blue ON/OFF button to the left. Button is located at the top of the machine. Left is the ON Position

Using the Machine Touchpad

Selecting a Program:

In order to select a Program on the Dr Bob Beck Professional Machine, you must ensure you have fully charged batteries installed in the machine

(1) Slide the ON/OFF Button to the LEFT (see picture) The Power Light will then come on

- Machine LED will Light up with [Dr Beck] on the Screen, and then move to Program 1 (of 22) which is BT-4

(2) The First Program shown is BT-4 in "i" IDLE mode (not operating)

- You may Press the UP (▲) or DOWN (▼) arrow to make another selection from the 22 Programs installed.

(3) Press (►II) Play / Pause Button to Start a Program or Pause the program

- Once the ►II Play Button has been pressed, then an "r" will appear on the right side of the screen, indicating the program series for BT-4 in this example above is operating (running)

- Note: On the first series Dr Bob Beck Professional models, the RUN Bulb was de-activated to reduce battery consumption. So In order to check if your machine is in RUN mode, please look at the LCD screen for the letter "r" (Run Mode)

Plugging in the Accessories

(1) Please Locate the RCA Leads in your Dr Beck Bag

(2) Plug the White RCA Plug into the RCA socket on the left side of the Dr Bob Beck Professional Machine

(3) For General Body treatment: Clip the two Flexible White Straps into the Button Clip on the RCA Leads, and place over the hands or feet


Straps attached to soles of feet or on the hands

Example: Straps attached to Palms of Hands

(4) For Blood Pulsing, Blood Cleansing, Lymph Treatment, or specific body area treatments; Connect the GEL Pads into the RCA Leads with PINS

Gel Pads Can Be used anywhere on the body safely

Gel Pads Can be re-used if you place them back on the plastic sheet after use.

Gel Pads are the most versatile accessory: See above: A Comprehensive LYMPH Program using 4 Gel Pads.

Gel pads are perfect for the Dr Beck Blood Cleanser and Blood Pulser, by locating Gel Pads on the inner arterial position of the foot

Gel pads are perfect for the Dr Beck Blood Cleanser and Blood Pulser, by locating Gel Pads on the wrists across the main arteries

Gel Pads can also be used for any of the Brain Treatment Programs by locating Gel Pads on the temples.

Colloidal Silver Apparatus:

Move the UP (▲) or DOWN (▼) arrows until you reach the [SILVER] setting.

Plug in the Cup-Clip with Silver Rods installed, place the Rods in a cup of water, and the other cable into the RCA Socket of the Dr Beck Professional machine. Make sure the Rods are not touching each other, and properly immersed in the cup of water.

Press ►II Play Button and the Program will begin making Colloidal Silver in the ALPHA Wave frequency, which provides the most Bio-Active Silver on the planet. The Program will stop in about 5 minutes, and when the Colloidal Silver has been dissolved throughout the water

Press ►II Play Button again to double the strength of silver in the water.

Colloidal Silver is an important part of the Dr Beck Protocol and should be used in conjunction with all other Dr Beck Treatment Programs.

Purchase the Dr Beck Colloidal Silver Atomizer machine, if you wish to make further use for the Colloidal Silver you have just made on the Beck machine. This Liquid Silver can be put in the Atomizer machine to assist internally for Lung and Chest Infections, or any Lung related Disease

The Conductive Breast Pads

(4) The Conductive Breast Pad may be supplied as an Optional Accessory. The Conductive Breast Pads come in a packet of 2 and come with the RCA Pins Leads

The Breast Pads, for Lymph and Cancer Treatments:

The materials of the Breast Pad item are made from rubber and do not have chemicals or solvents in them.

The Black Side of the Breast Pad is the Conductive Side and should face the skin. The Pink side is the outer rubber and is not conductive.

Make sure the Pink Side faces outward and the Black side is against the skin. Move the Rubber plugs until they clip into the opposite holes and clamp down. Make sure you align the holes according to your breast size, and there are no air gaps under the rubber due to incorrect size adjustments.

Plug the Breast Pads into the RCA Pin Leads, and then Plug the leads into the Dr Beck Professional machine.

Select the suitable frequency for treatment.

For example for Breast Cancer treatment, use Program 21 [CANCER]

For treatment of Lymph Glands in the areas above and around the breast, use the Program 11 [LYMPH]

There are many other types of treatment Programs that can be used with the Breast Pads, and it is possible to do "Combination" Treatments by using both Gel Pads and Breast Pads at the same time for greater coverage during treatments.

Treatment times, and other FAQ can be found under the page for Program 21 [CANCER], and Program 11 [LYMPH]


For Dr Beck BT Series, Brain Wave, and Schumman Earth Frequencies

Earclips are specific to Brain Treatments as they permit delivery of frequencies directly to the brain through the earlobes

Earclips are compatible with the Dr Beck Professional Machine Program numbers:

1 BT-4 Dr Becks Original Machine
2 BT-5 Dr Becks Second Machine also known as BT PLUS
3 BT-6 Dr Becks Third Machine
4 BT-7 Dr Becks Fourth Machine
5 SCHUM Schumman Earth Freq.
6 Alpha Alpha Wave
7 Beta Beta Wave
8 Gamma Gamma Wave
9 Delta Delta Wave
10 Theta Theta Wave
11 Lymph Lymph Treatment
22 ALRGY Allergy Treatment
19 FLU Cold and Flu

The Earclips focus the frequency delivery to the brain by locating the frequency transmitting earclip terminals on the earlobes.

The Earclips are supplied in the Bag with a Conductive Soft-Pad covering a metal contact underneath. Your Package will be supplied with extra adhesive Soft-Pads should the pads wear out or be pulled off.

To avoid possible irritation, do not connect the ear-clips to your ear directly on the metal contact. Always stick another adhesive soft-pad to the metal part of the earclip should the pad fall off. Adhesive Replacement Pad Packs are available from your Dr Beck Store, or through the online website.

Please see individual Program listings later in the book to see how the Earclips can benefit you while you use each Brain Focus Program.

Note: Use the Earclips to assist with Some programs such as Cold & Flu where the frequencies need to be concentrated at the head area. Gel Pads can also be used on the neck for Cold/Flu treatments.

Dr Beck Machine Screenshots


Dr Bob Beck was a pioneer of "Ultra Low Frequency" healing technologies. Dr Beck made many discoveries of how the brain waves could be altered using specific waves produced on his many series of machines (Dr Beck #4, #5, #6, #7). Dr Beck was the original designer of "Blood Cleansing" method, using electrodes over the veins of the legs, and also used specific Low Frequencies for the treatment of many diseases such as HIV, Cancer, to name a few. Dr Beck would prescribe Colloidal Silver to be a major part of the machine treatment program.